Take a Seat For a Great Cause!

Are you ready to sit back and enjoy the summer?

We hope so because we’re proud to announce a very special sale. Now you can support our school with the purchase of a beautiful, comfortable Adirondack chair! Our chairs are expertly crafted from locally harvested, weather-resistant cedar. They are treated with teak oil to bring out the natural radiance of the wood, which blends in seamlessly with any landscape. Our classic design has contours which provide gentle support to your knees and back; and are available in adult or child sizes.

The chairs are constructed right on campus, under the expert direction of Brian Beard, a 30-year veteran woodworking instructor. “Mr. Beard” is also a U.S. armed forces veteran, serving as an electrician in the Navy and completing his education under the GI Bill. After a long, happy career in Connecticut public schools, he retired, at least for a few minutes.

“This job found me,” he says. “I was kind of bored at home, and my wife had an opinion about that too,” he laughs.

He is extraordinarily proud of the craftsmanship and quality of the woodworking products produced by the school.

Requested donation is $250 per adult chair; $175 per child chair. Order easily and conveniently using the form below.

Need delivery? We will happily transport up to four chairs for a nominal ($25) charge. Please allow 10 business days for processing and delivery.

We thank you for the opportunity to enhance your home and elevate our community.


Adirondack Chair Request Form