Day School

The Connecticut Transition Academy at Deep River is a day school approved by the Connecticut State Department of Education as a private special education program. The school is situated on 80+ acres of a picturesque college-like campus overlooking the Connecticut River. We utilize a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to care, including the coordination of cognitive, emotional, physical, social, vocational, and character development.

The academy serves young people with a variety of disabilities including Autism, emotional disturbance, learning disabilities, and ADD/ADHD. Our students are referred privately by their parents/guardians, or by their local school districts due to behavioral, social, emotional, and educational challenges requiring specialized instruction and behavioral health support. Our school offers academically rigorous elementary, middle and high school curriculum as well as post-graduate support, including paid vocational training, independent living skills development, and job placement.

The Connecticut Transition Academy at Deep River offers:

  • Individualized educational programs with high academic rigor
  • Small class instructional environment
  • Flexible scheduling; partial day, full and extended day and year
  • Credit recovery and individual tutoring
  • Competency-based curriculum and assessments aligned with the Common Core standards
  • Certified teachers and intervention support specialists
  • Instructional assistants in every classroom
  • Individualized instruction, independent living skills, and transition assessments
  • Paid vocational training and job placement
  • Monitored school attendance and interventions as well as weekly progress monitoring

Supportive Services

Services for our youngest students focus on foundations for social and academic growth. We encourage a compassionate awareness of self and others, in an environment that includes robust supportive services including Certified Behavior Specialists.

As they progress through upper grades, students focus on building academic and interpersonal skills and begin to participate in activities that support eventual integration into the recreational, social and pre-vocational environments of their choosing.

Students also focus on completing graduation requirements and meeting individual transition goals through a rigorous course of study with real-world application. Our extended day and extended school year options allow students the opportunity to participate in credit recovery if needed and/or stipend-earning internships.

Our students do not just ‘survive’ these formative years – they thrive during this time of self-discovery. Many continue on to college or enter a technical job that they have already trained and prepared for. We encourage our students to be self-determined and passionate in their learning, through goal-setting and person-centered planning.

Programs at the Transition Academy at Mount Saint John

Graduation Planning and Preparation

Transition skills including college and career readiness, health and wellness, independent living and community engagement are taught through hands-on real-world experiences, individualized instruction, and community-based activities. Students spend time working with professionals, learning trades, completing certifications, and earning a paycheck.

All individual transition goals are based on a comprehensive transition assessment. Transition goals are monitored on a weekly basis by the students and are updated as needed based on a data-review process with the student’s support team.

Pre-Apprentice Certificates

Students have the opportunity to earn pre-apprentice certificates in the areas of Entrepreneurship (operating a retail business); Home Building Institute; Music (creation and production); and Culinary (events planning, catering service, and food preparation and safety). ServeSafe, OSHA 10 and First Aid/CPR/AED training and certificates are embedded within the Home Building Institute (HBI) and Culinary curricula.

If you believe a student would be better equipped to succeed through an out of district placement at the Connecticut Transition Academy at Deep River, please contact us today to begin the referral process.