Information for Families

Ensuring Your Child Has Access to Cutting-Edge Transition Services

As a parent, it can be very difficult to navigate the school system, especially if your child needs access to additional resources to reach their full potential. At the Connecticut Transition Academy at Deep River, we provide cutting-edge academic, behavioral and therapeutic services for our students. One of the most critical questions that you should ask is whether your child has access to all the resources that they are entitled to. Are they receiving the highest quality education that they can with access to resources that will equip them for life after school? 

If you are unsure whether your current school system is able to provide all of these resources, the first step is to reach out to your district and your child’s IEP team and schedule a meeting to assess the needs of your child and the district’s ability to meet these needs. If you are not sure whom to contact, find your school district in the list below and the link will take you to a page with the contact information for the appropriate person. Often, the best person to contact to begin this conversation is the district’s Head of Special Education or Director of Pupil Services. If your district does not have this position, reach out to your child’s special education teacher and they should be able to put you in touch with the appropriate people. 


Determine the Best Plan for Your Child

  1. Initial Meeting: Schedule a meeting with your child’s entire IEP team to determine if their current placement is able to meet all of their needs and provide all of the services your child is entitled to. 
  2. Out-of-District Referral: If the IEP team determines that they are not able to meet these needs within the district, a referral packet is filled out and sent to possible placements that would be able to better provide a supportive educational experience for your child.
  3. Referral Packet Review: The packet is received and reviewed by placement staff. This packet contains a broad range of information such as the latest IEP plan, physical and psychological evaluations, any relevant discharge papers, and a student profile. 
  4. Tour & Interview: At this point, if the Connecticut Transition Academy at Deep River believes your student is a good candidate for our programs, your family will be invited to the campus for a tour and informal interview.  
  5. Meeting with District: Once you reach a decision, the next step is to contact the district with your decision on which out-of-district placement best fits your child’s needs. 
  6. Schedule PPT Meeting: The last step is to schedule a PPT meeting at the Transition Academy to revise the IEP. This meeting will include you, your district representative, and members of the team at the Transition Academy. This meeting will be to review the contents of your child’s IEP and to revise the placement to reflect the out-of-district placement.   

If you are considering an out-of-district placement for your child, please fill out this form to download and print a referral packet to get started today. We are committed to protecting your privacy. Your information will not be shared with any third party and will be kept confidential.