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Pamela L. Potemri - The Transition Academy at Mount Saint John

Chief Administrator Dr. Pamela L. Potemri

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There is a place for everyone in our world.

If you are concerned about a young person who is struggling in their current school setting, we invite you to tour our campus, meet our specialists and visit with our community.

At The Connecticut Transition Academy at Deep River, we honor and emphasize the value of each student. We offer a strengths-based, individualized learning environment with high academic rigor, solid vocational preparation, and independent living skills.

We guide our young people in college and career readiness, health and wellness, independent living, and community engagement through hands-on experiences, individualized instruction, and community-based activities. Our younger students focus on relationship-building; and developing a strong set of skills in personal communication, responsibility, and meeting academic and personal challenges. Older students spend time investing in a life of fulfillment and independence, through working with professionals, learning trades, completing certifications, earning stipends, and managing personal finances.

Each student’s goals are based on a comprehensive assessment. Goals are monitored on a weekly basis and are updated as needed based on a data-review process with the student’s support team. Our students are actively engaged in identifying and articulating their interests and developing a vision of their future. Each student is nurtured toward a healthy, appreciative, and respectful sense of self and others.

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