CT Transitions Academy Front Entrance

Why choose the Connecticut Transition Academy at Deep River?

We focus on foundations.

School is among the first significant settings where children experience community. They confront new ideas, diverse people and unanticipated challenges every day.

Yet, different learners have different needs. When a student is struggling, solutions matter. Every young person deserves the opportunity to learn, connect with others, and grow in a supportive setting.

We provide a place where young people can learn and practice essential life skills. We create programs that build on our students’ individual strengths; and we celebrate victories, large and small. We understand that meaningful progress is non-linear, incremental, and highly personal.

We offer an environment that helps our students make a place for themselves as a vital part of the larger world. We help them learn ways to creatively meet challenges; identify their personal interests and goals; and develop the skills that lead to meaningful work, rewarding relationships, and effective self-care.

We use innovative, evidence-based approaches.

We emphasize respect, responsibility, creativity, and compassion.

We meet our students where they are, and we walk beside them.

Every step of the way.

About the Transition Academy at Mount Saint John
About the Transition Academy at Mount Saint John